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TaxRise is a Southern California-based tax relief company. They provide their clients with the empathy and expertise they deserve when it comes to negotiating with the IRS.

In an industry that prioritizes easy solutions and haphazard fixes, TaxRise goes above and beyond by working to obtain for their clients the best tax resolution possible.

The largest hurdle blocking them from even further success is the horrible reputation plaguing the tax relief industry. Due to the actions of bad actors in the past, many would-be-clients dismiss TaxRise as just another ‘scam.’


Product Design, Brand Nurturing, Web Application Design.

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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

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    UI/UX Design, Style Guide

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Increased leads by building a sleek, brand-centric website


Bolstered legitimacy through an authentic web application


Boosted website traffic and unique visits.

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Propelling TaxRise to the Top

Although a new player in the tax relief sphere, TaxRise would not let their lack of an established reputation slow them down. With the aid of MIADVG, TaxRise’s brand came to life.

TaxRise quickly became the fastest-growing tax relief company in the US. Within two years, TaxRise was the second biggest tax relief company in the nation – second only to Optima Tax Relief. 

However, with rapid growth comes growing pains – and MIADVG was ready to step in again. We provided further support and nurturing to make the TaxRise brand as trustworthy and recognizable as possible.