The global pandemic made many businesses realize that it was not only necessary but possible to reach audiences through digital ecosystems.

Alas, the stark discrepancy between the online and in-person experience is vast. Clients of every industry bemoan the disconnect they experience.

Despite these obstacles, Purgo sought to fill a visible void they saw in the world of tax relief. Their team might be small, but their vision is big – a vision where anyone, anywhere, at any time, could file for tax relief.


Mobile Development, Product Design, and UX/ UI Design.

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    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Style Guide

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Built mobile app from scratch


Polished the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ for ease of navigation


Leveraged latest software for optimal user experience

We were concerned about

The benefits of applying for tax relief through Purgo

No Minimum Debt Requirement: Every tax relief firm requires a specific amount of debt to be qualified for their services. With Purgo, you can utilize their service no matter how much or little you owe.

Convenient: Purgo is a self-sufficient tax relief service. You can begin your resolution process at any time of the day and from anywhere on the map.

Inexpensive: Their do-it-yourself method allows them to assist those who have small debt amounts. Best of all, Purgo can file your taxes for you for FREE.

And we intended

Providing a better, more convenient experience

Purgo’s mission was to create a product that made applying for debt relief simple, painless, and accessible. This project was very ambitious, but it was just the kind of task our team was itching to accomplish. 

To make Purgo’s vision a reality, we both agreed that the best medium would be a mobile app – an app that allowed taxpayers to research, navigate, and apply for tax debt relief from anywhere at any time. 

From start to launch, MIADVG fulfilled every aspect of the creative process. Together, our teams built the app, wrote the scripts, and designed the UI.