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Data tells us that time and time again that the most effective marketing strategy is third-party recommendations. If your friend tells you that a movie is worth watching, you are more likely to trust them over some arbitrary critic rating.  Likewise, we live in a world where everything is becoming more and more tailored to the needs of the customer; why can’t businesses do the same for themselves?  TaxQuotes sought to combine these two concepts. Specifically, they wanted to create an online platform that united tax attorneys with the best clients possible.


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Supported TaxQuotes teams throughout the project lifecycle


Developed a platform that embodied TaxQuotes’ brand but didn’t break the bank


Ensured that the digital product had an overall aura of user-friendliness

Why Every Tax Attorney Needs To Choose TaxQuotes

  • The latest algorithms, 

  • Expert marketing,

  • Prequalified leads. 

Things We Were Concerend About

Uniting tax attorneys with optimal clients

MIADVG created an online platform for TaxQuotes that unites tax attorneys with taxpayers. Each attorney that registers gets a profile – then an algorithm matches their profile with clients looking for their particular skillsets.

Users can stop wasting their money on small-scale Google Ads or social media campaigns. With TaxQuotes, attorneys can get back to doing what they do best – focusing on their clients. 

All the leads that the attorneys receive have been vetted, ensuring higher conversions and increased profits. TaxQuotes is a two-way street; both attorneys and clients get to experience a personalized experience.