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“AI and the Workplace”

When some people hear ‘AI,’ they think of The Matrix. Others may think of automated machines replacing jobs in automobile factories. For our purposes, we will be focusing on AI or machine learning and its most fitting roles within the workplace.

The Three Best Places to Utilize AI in the Workplace 

The three most optimal roles of machine learning within your company are analyzing big data, eliminating mundane tasks, and increasing individualization. 

Big Data

To gain a competitive edge over their competition, the smallest of changes can result in success. One such way to implement change is effectively utilizing big data. 

Scanning big data for actionable exploitation is very time consuming. However, with AI, your business can quickly extract value from your data. 

Eliminate Mundane Tasks 

A lot of everyday tasks are very time consuming for employees. Sometimes, these mundane tasks are getting in the way of them working on pressing and creative assignments.

AI has the potential to adjust, update, and regulate data and prices through algorithms. Again, passing off the monotonous and often boring workload to AI will increase overall productivity in your workplace.


Similar to big data, individualization is another area that machine learning can optimize your business. Individualization is the process of using data from a consumer profile to create the most personalized experience for the user. 

The individualization of your products will not only increase sales, but so too can it be used to boost efficiency in the workplace. For example, your marketing team will have the most customized view of their target audience, reducing the need for excess research.

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